Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Anybody Listening vs. Question Existing

I just think I've realized something. Rihanna's song "Question Existing" was originally planned for Danity Kane. But Danity Kane reportedly turned it down and didn't accept it as a song, because it didn't have their sound or something to that extent. [There was even an episode of MTB 4 Season 2 where they listened to "Question Existing."] Regardless, I personally think that the song they chose in it's place was, "Is Anybody Listening." Because to me the songs kinda have similar meanings. And bot hare mid-tempo/ballad songs, both asking questions.... hmmmm!

But If I had to chose a better song or one that I like more, it would definitely be, "Is Anybody Listening." I truly think it is the best song on their album. Everything from the vocals, ad lib's, beat, and style of the song is more than GREAT! I really think and hope for this to be their second single from Welcome To The Dollhouse. Although since they are trying to conquer the Dance-Pop world, and the fact that the second single, "Ride For You," a ballad [such as "Is Anybody Listening,"] and it didn't to well as a second single, they are probably going to go with a up beat, dance track as a second single. And Dawn's "Light's Out," is the most popular on iTunes from the album as of now too! Hint, Hint! [And I do like "Lights Out" too!, but not as much : / Cuz I DO NOT like "Bad Girl," which is the other front runner... : (]

Regardless, "Is Anybody Listening," to me is the best song from Welcome To The Dollhouse, and I think it should be the second single!

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