Saturday, March 15, 2008

Does she want a STANDING OVATION

So, I just heard Rihanna's new song/single, "Take A Bow." After hearing that Ne-Yo wrote it, and it's title, I thought it would have been better than it was. The lyrics were just kind of expected, it could've went somewhere else but didn't. [Hope Ne-Yo isn't trying to give Rihanna an "Irreplaceable" reject/wannabe] Stargate, whose also worked their Rihanna-magic, produced the song, and I am glad to say the song doesn't have the guitar based, "Irreplaceable," "With You," "Good Girl Gone Bad," similar beat. Not to mention I truly don't think that Rihanna sang her best on the song. Regardless the song isn't bad, but not her best, by far. It's supposed to be released as the lead single for the re-release of GGGB, but what happened to "Rehab," being a single? [I really think a track with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna ("Rehab") would be something people would want to hear, as a single...] Oh well, I suppose people at Def Jam believe Rihanna can do no wrong at this point in her career, which may be true but again, I'd love to see Rihanna top this album and any of her current success with any future releases [Album or single].

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