Monday, March 17, 2008

DANITY KANE better than their DOLLHOUSE

So overall I was disappointed by this album[Welcome To The Dollhouse]! I really expected a great album that I would totally want to buy, but this wasn't the case. I heard the entire album on MTV's The Leak, and tracks that I liked from the show I didn't even like as much while listening to the album. I do think, "Is Anybody Listening," is a great track though. Probably the standout track from the entire set. Followed by "Poetry." These two songs showcase their vocals, although probably not in the best light, but it allows for DK's sound to blend and mix (harmonize) well. Tracks like, "Bad Girl," and "Ecstasy," which both feature artists, aren't anything special at all to me. I do think many of the songs are OK, but the CD isn't a grabber at first listen. When I say that I mean, most tracks will take me time to get to like. Just as the first single, "Damaged," it had to grow on me, as well. Other tracks that were OK to me included "Sucka For Love," & "Lights Out". Maybe it's because I liked the R&B feel over the Dance-Pop feel but overall I have to agree that from a first listen, their debut CD, Danity Kane, was much better.

Review is also posted on iTunes & thanks to MTV's The Leak for streaming the album prior to it's release!

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