Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Damaging Video? | I think so!

OK, so I just saw Danity Kane's new video for "Damaged." It was rather disappointing if you ask me.

First off near the end there was way to many ad-libs going on, and it totally destroyed the songs appeal if you ask me. The version I have is way more simple, and just sounded better that way. I mean usually I'm all for the single version to be different from the album/video version but I think they were doing way to much this time around.

Second, why in the world is Diddy talking all throughout the end of the video! I don't wanna hear that, do you? I mean if he wanted to be featured he needed to rap or worse yet, sing! His voice at the end was extremely unnecessary and useless.

Third the futureristic thing that the majority of the video was surrounded around was unique, but I really don't think it goes with the song. Plus there was way more laying on those bed type things rather than them dancing. Didn't Dawn say it was generally or mostly a dance video, or am I wrong?

Regardless I do think it was very important for Diddy/Bad Boy to release the video before the album's release, but if it doesn't make it big soon, It really will have been to late, and won't even boost album sells. To me, I think if Danity Kane has another chart topping album(this year/time around) they will have been very lucky.

Sorry Diddy, MTB 4 Season 2 just was moving way too slow this time if you ask me. The video should have been released like 2 weeks earlier. So it could possibly be topping like the TRL countdown by the album release date(3.18.08) so they could perform it then! Duh!

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