Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amer.Idol Top 10 -> 9 | Songwriter's Contest

So I really could care less about who gets voted off for American Idol anymore. I think it was messed up that ppl behind the scenes of Amer.Idol kicked off Amanda Overmyer, because she would be the most unique/different from the tour. I don't believe that she was truly voted off last week from merely America's votes. That's a load of BS. Kristy Lee Cook should have been off last week, but since she is more tour friendly they decided to keep her... That's truly what I think went down. So yeah whoever gets off gets off. I mean I'll still watch but not into it as much anymore. Though I am entering the song writing contest, and I think [ironically] David A. would do a great job of singing the song I wrote... Hmmm! I don't know, maybe Brook or Carly as well could sing it. Don't know how it would sound with a rock vibe(David C.) but wouldn't mind him winning. Hope I win (the AI Songwriter's contest)!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pretty much boring until the note!

So I saw Mariah [Carey] perform "Touch My Body," again for the second time live, 1st I saw was on SNL and now on The Hills special premier, which aired tonight. And I must admit, she's NOT the greatest performer. Yes she can sing live better than some, but all she does is just stand there. And moves her hands to the note she's singing. It's nothing spectacular. The biggest excitement during a MC performance is seeing if she can actually hold the note that's usually in her song, as long as she did on the track. Well in short yes, I don't recall if MC was every a extraordinary performer [great vocals and a show(dance, audience interaction)] but clearly she isn't anymore. Also she had some guy come out to server her water, and throat spray, which didn't help her much because she still half way lost her voice during the finale song, "We Belong Together."

"Go find her on the mountain in Colorado."

Being from Colorado myself, I found it extremely funny, what Spencer [Pratt] from MTV's The Hills said on the premier episode which aired tonight. When he was talking to his sister who came over to find his house extremely messy, when she asked him, what are you going to do? He responded, "Go find her on the mountain in Colorado." It really isn't funny, but when you think of how he said it and in the context it is.. Hey Spencer, guess the luck wasn't too good on that mountain in Colorado, huh?

Was it just me too, or did Heidi look extremely different when she was in Colorado, like her forehead/face/hair... O' well! Wonder what this season will bring for us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amer.Idol 3.19.08 | Top 11 --> Top 10!!

So this week I am still wanting the same people off of Amer.Idol. Which includes Kristy Lee Cook(I don't like country Idols for the most part, except Carrie Underwood-and I gotta hear Kellie Pickler tonight, goodness), Chikezie(Still reminds me of a Ruben and I can do with out...), Michael Johns(If he kept doing the soul-pop thing rather soul-rock, I'd like him...) and Syesha Mercado(She supposedly had a good week, so she can be spared this week! But she bores me.) But yeah those are who I really want to get off soon!

Plus Ramielle needs to step up her game or soon she's gonna be off. It's like she doesn't wanna be there since all of her friends left... Her song choice has been really bad.

My fave's are still Amanda, Brooke, David C., and Jason C.. So I hope they make it into the top 6 which you know most likely David A. & Carly will be in with them as well... Since they are the popular votes and best male/female vocals this year.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Anybody Listening vs. Question Existing

I just think I've realized something. Rihanna's song "Question Existing" was originally planned for Danity Kane. But Danity Kane reportedly turned it down and didn't accept it as a song, because it didn't have their sound or something to that extent. [There was even an episode of MTB 4 Season 2 where they listened to "Question Existing."] Regardless, I personally think that the song they chose in it's place was, "Is Anybody Listening." Because to me the songs kinda have similar meanings. And bot hare mid-tempo/ballad songs, both asking questions.... hmmmm!

But If I had to chose a better song or one that I like more, it would definitely be, "Is Anybody Listening." I truly think it is the best song on their album. Everything from the vocals, ad lib's, beat, and style of the song is more than GREAT! I really think and hope for this to be their second single from Welcome To The Dollhouse. Although since they are trying to conquer the Dance-Pop world, and the fact that the second single, "Ride For You," a ballad [such as "Is Anybody Listening,"] and it didn't to well as a second single, they are probably going to go with a up beat, dance track as a second single. And Dawn's "Light's Out," is the most popular on iTunes from the album as of now too! Hint, Hint! [And I do like "Lights Out" too!, but not as much : / Cuz I DO NOT like "Bad Girl," which is the other front runner... : (]

Regardless, "Is Anybody Listening," to me is the best song from Welcome To The Dollhouse, and I think it should be the second single!

Monday, March 17, 2008

DANITY KANE better than their DOLLHOUSE

So overall I was disappointed by this album[Welcome To The Dollhouse]! I really expected a great album that I would totally want to buy, but this wasn't the case. I heard the entire album on MTV's The Leak, and tracks that I liked from the show I didn't even like as much while listening to the album. I do think, "Is Anybody Listening," is a great track though. Probably the standout track from the entire set. Followed by "Poetry." These two songs showcase their vocals, although probably not in the best light, but it allows for DK's sound to blend and mix (harmonize) well. Tracks like, "Bad Girl," and "Ecstasy," which both feature artists, aren't anything special at all to me. I do think many of the songs are OK, but the CD isn't a grabber at first listen. When I say that I mean, most tracks will take me time to get to like. Just as the first single, "Damaged," it had to grow on me, as well. Other tracks that were OK to me included "Sucka For Love," & "Lights Out". Maybe it's because I liked the R&B feel over the Dance-Pop feel but overall I have to agree that from a first listen, their debut CD, Danity Kane, was much better.

Review is also posted on iTunes & thanks to MTV's The Leak for streaming the album prior to it's release!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Does she want a STANDING OVATION

So, I just heard Rihanna's new song/single, "Take A Bow." After hearing that Ne-Yo wrote it, and it's title, I thought it would have been better than it was. The lyrics were just kind of expected, it could've went somewhere else but didn't. [Hope Ne-Yo isn't trying to give Rihanna an "Irreplaceable" reject/wannabe] Stargate, whose also worked their Rihanna-magic, produced the song, and I am glad to say the song doesn't have the guitar based, "Irreplaceable," "With You," "Good Girl Gone Bad," similar beat. Not to mention I truly don't think that Rihanna sang her best on the song. Regardless the song isn't bad, but not her best, by far. It's supposed to be released as the lead single for the re-release of GGGB, but what happened to "Rehab," being a single? [I really think a track with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna ("Rehab") would be something people would want to hear, as a single...] Oh well, I suppose people at Def Jam believe Rihanna can do no wrong at this point in her career, which may be true but again, I'd love to see Rihanna top this album and any of her current success with any future releases [Album or single].

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Break The Ice official ANIMATED music video

So the animated video is supposed to be the official video for "Break The Ice." And I don't thin kit was a good idea for promotion reasons. I don't care how good the animation is. To me I couldn't see an animated video top the TRL countdown, for days a time. I think people will easily get bored of the video, and I don't think the animated video will help the song chart higher than "Piece Of Me," which I believe topped the Hot 100 at 18. I hope the video was meant to be animated. Because if Britney just didn't think she had time to film a video, that's bogus. Technically you could film a video in 1 day, maybe 15 hours tops. Maybe not the best video, but still.

Lennon/McCartney Song Book again!!!

I'm upset that the people at Fox/Amer.Idol are deciding to change the song selection from Top 100 songs from iTunes [which was reported on Wikipedia] to again another week of Lennon/McCartney songs!!! Ahhh, why I mean I admit they did do justice to some of their songs but diversity, which includes different song categories/genres allows for the contestants to be more diverse and gain different audiences as fans. So It really does upset me another week devoted to John Lennon and Paul McCartney songs... Geeze!

Brooke was great!

So, my favorite performance of last night would definitely have to go to Brooke White! I loved her performance of "Let It Be." And I even bought it. I think Brooke would be great as an American Idol, because she has such a positive take on life and would be a great role model for people. I think her rendition of the song could very much be a single on today's radio as well. Way to go Brooke, great performance and song choice! You made me even more of a fan!

Amer.Idol Voting Off | From 12 to 11

So for Amer.Idol tonight who I don't mind to see leave the show include: Chikezie, Syesha, Michael, or Kristy Lee Cook.

Judging from those though I think Chikezie is safe for sure since the judges loved him last night. Syesha may be in trouble but atleast they didn't say her performance was boreing. Michael's performance was to me not anything spectacular. And Kristy's was a country mess. So most likely she'll be leaving. not to mention on Wikipedia it now stated her and Syesha were in the bottom 3! I don't mind either of them going, but Kristy's country isn't cuttin' it for me.

Possible Video Album?

So I remember reading on Wikipedia [I know sometimes not credible] that Rihanna was suppose to release a video album sort of like what Beyonce did for B'Day for her Good Girl Gone Bad album. And I really think it would be a better video album rather than B'Day's. Because majority of the songs from GGGB are good, I think I like all but like 2! So yeah Rihanna should have released one, especially how good GGGB has been doing, I don't expect her to have a CD that exceeds it's success.

HA HA: I know this is a very bad picture of Rihanna, but It's funny, and I wanted to post it, HA HA!

Damaging Video? | I think so!

OK, so I just saw Danity Kane's new video for "Damaged." It was rather disappointing if you ask me.

First off near the end there was way to many ad-libs going on, and it totally destroyed the songs appeal if you ask me. The version I have is way more simple, and just sounded better that way. I mean usually I'm all for the single version to be different from the album/video version but I think they were doing way to much this time around.

Second, why in the world is Diddy talking all throughout the end of the video! I don't wanna hear that, do you? I mean if he wanted to be featured he needed to rap or worse yet, sing! His voice at the end was extremely unnecessary and useless.

Third the futureristic thing that the majority of the video was surrounded around was unique, but I really don't think it goes with the song. Plus there was way more laying on those bed type things rather than them dancing. Didn't Dawn say it was generally or mostly a dance video, or am I wrong?

Regardless I do think it was very important for Diddy/Bad Boy to release the video before the album's release, but if it doesn't make it big soon, It really will have been to late, and won't even boost album sells. To me, I think if Danity Kane has another chart topping album(this year/time around) they will have been very lucky.

Sorry Diddy, MTB 4 Season 2 just was moving way too slow this time if you ask me. The video should have been released like 2 weeks earlier. So it could possibly be topping like the TRL countdown by the album release date(3.18.08) so they could perform it then! Duh!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Amer.Idol 5.7.08 Recap | Top 12

[Picture courtesy of via Getty Images]
I was actually sad yesterday to see Asia’h Epperson leave Amer.Idol,
especially over Kristy Lee Cook. I think Asia’h had a good voice, and
was very unique. Her vocals even reminded me of Keyshia Cole’s!! So
that was sad, as for Kady Maloy I kinda knew she was going, she stood
on probably way longer than anybody would have thought she would have.

Again, I’m not one bit sad that boring I mean Luke Menard left. Week
after week he seemed like the one Simon should have said was
forgettable and had no personality. So thank goodness he’s finally
gone. As for Danny leaving, I was mad about that as well. Yes he was
a bit girl, yes he was a bit dramatic but that was actually different.
Plus his voice was bad if you ask me, I mean it wasn’t the type of
voice I would expect from somebody who was gay. I really wanted to
see Chikezie go home. He is really starting to annoy me. He’s
practically like the Rueben Studdard of the show just lighter and has
a roll of the back of his head [that is weird]. Plus he won’t win -no

So as of now I guess who I would think of winning would still have to
be David Archuleta for the guys. I mean do you hear how much
promotion he’s getting. Song writers already writing songs for him,
you know that makes him feel really good.

As for the girls they are saying the best vocals are coming from Carly
consistently and most often, so I guess she’d be the girl ahead of the
race. Although I’d rather it be someone like Ramiele M. She is good,
and I think seriously her songs aren’t letting her showcase her voice
as needed.

Here are my projected positions of the challenge as is now, although I
am plugging David
Archuleta in as the winner based of the fact of all of his publicity.
The rest of the positions are who I would like to see… So in all the
spots 12-2 is basically an order of who I like the most at this
moment. Not a big fan of who I listed as 12-9… I really think Asia’h
and Danny would have made this top 12 way more enjoyable and or fun : (

12. Chikezie
11. Kristy Lee Cook

10. Syesha Mercado
9. Michael Johns
8. Carly Smithson
7. David Hernandez
6. Amanda Overmyer
5. Brooke White
4. David Cook
3. Ramiele Malubay
2. Jason Castro
1. David Archuleta