Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get ready for the next most played out song, video, etc. | "Touch My Body"

So Mariah's new video for her new single, "Touch My Body," is getting over-exposure on BET already as they are playing it at the top of every hour today... Which makes me mad because we all already knew even if they didn't play the video at all today, we'd be seeing it all over the place. Just wait I give the video 2 weeks before it becomes old! But I did think the whole concept of the video was unique and creative. But the whole little school girl thing, I don't think so! Britney Spears is the only one who can do that, Mariah you don't look like a school girl with implants, lipo-suction, must I go on? No, just work the barbie body and sing you but off, that's what you do best!

Side note, the video did make me like the song more then I previously did as well. The mock off of Geek Squad was funny too!

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