Monday, February 18, 2008

What about my shine?

So I don't know if it's me or not but Why is Donnie J being left out of the Making The Band 4 season 2 shows. He's barely been making songs, the only one I can recall is the "I Don't Care" track. And even besides the music aspect of the show, I hardly see him during the drama of the show. On top of that his debut single hasn't been publicly announced and even if it has, it hasn't been released to iTunes, as "Damaged [Danity Kane] & "Got Me Going" [DAY26] were. Then his album hasn't received a release date but guess what the others have. To me it's bad promotion on Diddy's part on Donnie's behalf. He's going to be the hardest artist of the 3 to sell if you ask me, since it's just him, and since no one truly knows what sound he will be going for, I'm guessing a Pop R&B similar to Justin Timberlake; but truly who really knows. I suppose he will be featured on tonight's show showcasing the Donnie-Aubrey fight, so we'll see if he get's his show time finally.

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