Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome To The... Pout-y Faces : (

So I really thought DK would have worked with this CD cover better than they did. Who knows maybe the booklet will be more related to the title. Guess Diddy wanted them to attempt the sexy look for the cover-to sell. To bad personally I'm still NOT feeling "Damaged," luckily I will buy the CD because the 1st CD had a good amount of good music. So that's great for DK I guess! Back to the cover, why is Aundrea laying there, to me that looks so weird. Like if she was laying on the ground she should have did what Beyonce did for the Survivor album cover that would have looked better... That really doesn't look a thing like Aubrey in the middle, looks like they got a new member. Then she's all touching Dawn's thy. Then funny how \D. Wood's foot is all against the wall... Then people might saying Shannon shouldn't have been sitting that way, wearing what she is, but Diddy approved. Welcome To The Doll House drops on March 18th, 2008.

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