Monday, February 11, 2008

'Rehab' and visa issues couldn't stop Winehouse-5x

So at Sunday nights 50th Annual Grammy Awards, Amy Winehouse somehow proved to become the next big thing, even after her huge personal, 'Rehab' stint, and visa issues. She couldn't attend the show because her visa was accepted to late, but still performed anyway, live from London. And she did have a good performance, sporting her famous bee-hive hairstyle, even though jus recently she had a blonde, down-do. After winning an award on camera Amy appeared extremely happy and thankful for her win, as she wen back to hug her background singers, and then her Mom, before she even gave her speech.

Amy Winehouse becomes the 5th female artist, to receive 5 Grammy's at one nights ceremony. She won 3/4 of the general field awards, including Best New Artist, beating out the likes of Fiest and Taylor Swift.

Other artist who had notable nights included Kanye West who performed a tribute to his mother, and won 4 awards under the rap category, one with Common. Rihanna who received her 1st Grammy for her smash hit, "Umbrella," and Carrie Underwood who won twice for, country pop crossover hit "Before He Cheats."

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